Pulse Cinemas showroom Crestron software development

CE Pro have written a great article about the recently refitted Pulse Cinemas showrooms near Stansted.  Integrated Experience have been delighted to be involved in this exciting project and look forward to the ongoing relationship with Pulse Cinemas.

Pulse Cinemas are a distributor of the world's leading cinema products and help installers to create some of the most most amazing cinema rooms possible.  Pulse distribute all components that go into high-end cinema rooms, from the chairs, to acoustic treatments, to the projectors, to the speakers, to the amplifiers and so on.

They were recently appointed by Crestron as resellers to the trade, which has allowed them to add yet another piece to the jigsaw and help their dealers with the control elements on their installations.

As well as a large investment in new Crestron equipment, Pulse took the opportunity to tidy up all of their equipment racks (4 enormous racks full of the most exotic cinema equipment possible).  This was quite a large undertaking and took a lot of work from the Electric Frog team.

IE developed software covering a wide range of Crestron interfaces (far wider than we would typically see on an installation!) including TSR-302 hand-held remotes, TSW-1052 and TSW-760 in-wall touchscreens, multiple instances of the Crestron App running on iPads and, finally, a 15 inch touchscreen with Digital Media video feeds to use as a preview monitor, allowing the Pulse staff to see what is going on in each of the cinema rooms.

As well as two cinema rooms and a large reception area with flat panel displays, Pulse Cinemas have a well-appointed training room to allow them to teach the necessary skills to their dealers.  This room features 3 screens with multiple laptop inputs and Crestron AirMedia wireless presentation.

It has been a demanding project with tight timescales to ensure the minimum downtime possible.

At the time of writing, there are still some small changes to be made to the core system and then a further two media systems to bring online in the coming weeks.

It is well worth a visit to Pulse if you have never been, not only to admire the IE software, but also to get to enjoy some of the best cinema experiences available anywhere in the world.