Integrated Experience are now CEDIA members

Having been involved in CEDIA since the very early days in the UK (I think the first CEDIA event I attended was the 2nd ever CEDIA show in the UK in Croydon, in around 1998?), we are delighted to have become CEDIA members whilst we were at the ISE show in Amsterdam. 

CEDIA in EMEA and the US have recently merged to become stronger globally. 

We have joined as an Industry-related Professional supplying software and consultancy to installers.  We hope that this is another reassurance to our clients that we are dedicated to what we are doing and are prepared to invest in our future development.

There are also benefits to us as a company with support from CEDIA on legislative issues and navigating any changing regulations (for instance, we know the CSCS CRO scheme will end later this year, so we will need to confer with CEDIA to see the best path forwards for us to comply with the new requirements). 

On a personal note, it is great to be able to work with CEDIA again, and be surrounded by dedicated professionals who are the absolute leaders within our industry.