Crestron project software estimation tool

We are delighted to be able to offer integrators free estimates for programming work on new Crestron systems.

As described in our blog post here, the amount of information required for most Crestron projects is relatively straight-forwards and can be developed early in the design process to ensure that appropriate budgets are incorporated into your costs.

If you have a new Crestron project, we have some simple questions that will enable us to create what we feel is an appropriate budget estimate to help you move the project forwards.

At this point, we are largely unconcerned with the granular detail as, largely speaking, a TV is a TV, a video matrix is a video matrix.  We can start to flesh out the details as the project progresses and we will become more concerned whether it is a Sony XYZ or a Samsung ABC TV in the kitchen. 

Whilst we will provide you with an estimate, and this may change as the project develops; provided the specification doesn't change considerably from the information you have provided here, then there should be no significant cost changes as we move your project forwards.

We do ask for a phone number, but will try and deal with any queries over email first; we are all busy right?

If you require any additional functionality, then please do describe as much detail as possible in the appropriate section. 

The form below will not be suitable for any existing projects that require modification; in these instances, please contact us here and we can discuss your requirements. A considerable proportion of our work is modifying existing systems, many of which we did not write the original software for.   

Please fill in the questionnaire below and we will create an estimate for you as quickly as we are able to.