As a Crestron Services Provider and Crestron Certified Silver Master Programmer with nearly 20 years’ experience, we create some of the most user-focused, intuitive and reliable software possible for Crestron systems in the residential sector.

We develop solutions based on our own interface designs, or developing a custom interface exclusively for your organisation or project.

Though most of our work is on new systems being designed and built from the ground up, a considerable proportion of our work is on existing systems that are being updated to meet customer requirements.

Many integrators have the installation skills to tackle large, complex integration projects but are not at a point where having a full-time programmer in-house is an affordable overhead. We can be involved from an early stage to help you design and implement these larger projects without having to take on the expense of full-time staff, and give you the support you need to communicate confidence to your clients.

We also work with larger installers who have in-house programmers but, from time to time, require assistance due to a lack of capacity (why do your large projects always seem to end up with converging completion dates?).

With a background in the project management of installations, we have a deep understanding of what is important to you and your clients, and will work alongside your engineering team during the commissioning process to ensure that your project is delivered to the standards and timescales your clients demand.

We have successfully delivered hundreds of Crestron solutions in a wide range of residential applications from pied-à-terre to palace.

Along with our vast expertise with Crestron products, such as Digital Media and Sonnex, we have experience with a huge range of other products within the residential sector. Over the years we have worked with equipment from the majority of the audio-visual manufacturers and have interfaced with most commonplace BMS, HVAC and lighting systems. We also have knowledge of interfacing with many proprietary systems as well as more open standards like BACnet and KNX.

If you would like to discuss a potential project with us, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us here.

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