{ie} featured in the latest CEDIA Communicates magazine

CEDIA Communicates is a quarterly publication that goes out to members to keep them abreast of industry news and developments.

Delighted to say that the latest issue (read it here) that Marcus is featured in an article about CEDIA Industry-Related Professional Members (page 42).

Industry-Related Professional Members are a class of CEDIA members who offer services to other members (it is a slightly cumbersome title!) .  The range of services is anything from marketing and web-design, to insurance services to those companies like {ie} that offer sub-contracted services to integrators. 

This allows integrators to tackle larger projects and projects that have requirements where they do not have the in-house resources and skill-sets (or their in-house resources are over-stretched).

We do believe that sub-contracting offers huge flexibility to integrators and gives them access to high-level skill-sets without taking on the large overheads of permanent staff.  To employ a full-time Crestron programmer is quite challenging for most installation companies; the salaries being offered currently are going off the charts and you need to be a lot of projects each year to make the numbers work.

By using someone like ourselves on a project-by-project basis, there is no need to take on that overhead.

We work with a range of integrators, working on projects large and small.  Some integrators, we're working with on a very regular basis on projects and general updates/changes to existing systems.  Some integrators we might only do a couple of projects with each year (some clients that will be a couple of small projects, some clients that will be one or two enormous projects!).

It was a fun article to be involved in and hopefully helps highlight how we, and other Industry-Related Professional Members, can help your business grow and work on larger projects without having to have specialist skill-sets in-house and deal with that monthly payroll burden.

As ever, if you think we might be able to help you, please do get in touch here as we'd love to talk through your requirements.