New Crestron wireless motor controller - CLCI-MCEX-W

These days, the use of motorised window treatments is fairly common place.  The benefits of automating shades for temperature regulation and privacy are a very easy message to communicate to homeowners.

Most projects we are involved in will feature motorised blinds and curtains in some or all the rooms.  It's a very common discussion as to what cabling to put in at an early stage to ensure that flexibility for different kinds of blinds/curtains are catered for (particularly if the integrator is not going to be supplying the blinds themselves (which they should always try to, otherwise it's a chunk of money that someone else makes the profit on!).

No matter what cabling goes in and how much agreement has been made on the number and flavour of blinds and curtains, it seems to be a fairly common occurrence that there's always a window that wasn't cabled enough/at all or with compatible cabling and we see the use of wireless Somfy units etc. on a lot of projects.

Crestron have recently added an InfiNET wireless motor controller to their in-ceiling solutions and this could really get you out of jail in certain applications.

Particularly if you already have InfiNET gateways and devices on the project, then this will be a very cost-effective solution to integrate a blind or two.

Whilst not the most exciting product release, this is one that could really save you a headache if you find a request for a blind and you're struggling with cabling (so long as there's 230V available).

More information here or drop us a line to talk through this or any other element of Crestron.