How do we present ourselves on site when working for you?

We totally get that some of the companies we work with do not want the fact that they use sub-contractors to be public knowledge and we ensure that we are very careful on how we present ourselves.

Whilst there is of course no shame in using a sub-contractor, certain clients do find reassurance when companies are using completely in-house labour. Currently there is a shortage of high-level Crestron programmers with experience in the residential sector and some of the salary demands are getting very high these days; so it absolutely makes sense to sub-contract.

We work with three kinds of companies in general:

  • Smaller companies that do not have the turnover to take on a full-time programmer.

    Most of these companies have a great team and can sell, deliver and support really quite large Crestron systems, but it is often not possible to have a full-time programmer as part of that setup.

  • Larger companies that specialise in very large projects - we work with several companies that may only do 2 or 3 Crestron projects a year, but they are very large projects. It makes sense to sub-contract for them as, otherwise, they might have a highly paid programmer with nothing to do for several months between projects.

  • Larger companies with a large team and in-house programming staff.

    We provide overflow labour for companies like this when they are having scheduling challenges and have 3 large projects all being finished at the same time, for example.

To reassure anyone that has concerns about using sub-contractors, we adhere to the following guidelines:

  • We are very unbranded* when we’re on site - no {ie} logos on any clothing etc.

  • We will always announce ourselves as being from ‘YourCompanyNameHere’

  • Without your permission, we would never give out our email to anyone outside of your company**

It is really important to us that we appear totally integrated with you to your clients, so we are very flexible in how we are presented to your clients; but rest assured that we’ll be completely seamless in our presentation.

*We are more than happy to be branded in your company shirts etc. if you want a truly integrated presentation.

**if it is desirable and we are involved in project discussions with other contractors etc., we have a couple of clients that have given us email addresses on their domains.