Crestron preview for ISE 2018

ISE is now the most important show for our industry and it's no surprise that Crestron will use it to launch many of their big products for the forthcoming year.

2017 was a great show, with DM-NVX being launched. NVX is already making a huge difference to our work and we now have a large number of projects in progress that use this amazing technology.

Crestron have already given a lot of information on what to expect from them at ISE 2018.  This article in CEPro is a good overview of what is coming.

We're really excited to see so many products that are focused towards residential applications this year. I am led to believe that Crestron's stand will be considerably larger than previous years and a large part of that expansion will be showcasing residential solutions.

The new remote controls are clearly very focused on our market and both look considerably more refined than previous remote controls from Crestron.  I plan to have one of each on the test bench as soon as possible; as a daily user of HR-150s in my home system, I will be very interested to see how the HR-310 stacks up against it.  I've advocated the use of simple remote controls for TV watching for many years, and it's great to see this more elegant solution.

The developments in Digital Media with 4KZ are most welcome; I think 4KZ will be very useful for systems with existing DM infrastructure where the limitations are starting to be seen.  It will be interesting to see how good the compression is; certainly the work that has gone on with optimising the quality on the NVX products shows that encoding and decoding on the fly has come on so far in the past couple of years.

The new keypads and further development of the Pyng platform are further reinforcement of Crestron's commitment to residential applications.

I am looking forward to the show greatly, especially seeing what other new technologies Crestron bring to the show.

If you would like to meet up during the show and discuss any Crestron projects we are able to help you with, then please do contact us here and let us set up an appointment.