Crestron Silver Master certification

We're very pleased to announce that company owner and lead programmer, Marcus, has passed the next level in his Crestron certification and is now a Crestron Silver Master  Programmer.

Every three years after attendance of the Crestron Masters conference, there is an option to undertake an exam.  

The exams test programmers on a number of different fields with a series of exercises designed to both challenge existing knowledge and have the programmer explore areas they are maybe less familiar with.

The exam not only tests these abilities, but also the ability to read and follow a scope of works and deliver software in a timely manner; once the exam has been downloaded, the programmer only has 30 days to submit their work. That work will be reviewed and is a straight pass/fail; no resubmissons and everything has to work perfectly first time.

Marcus enjoyed the challenges of the exam and learnt some new tricks.  Working exclusively in the residential sector, some of the tasks based on more commercially oriented challenges were very interesting and needed some real thought.

Reaching this level is a significant milestone and further confirms that we can deliver robust and flexible software that ensures the very best user experience for our clients.