Updating Crestron systems with older analogue door entry systems

We have recently undertaken a couple of projects that have involved working with older analogue intercom/door entry systems.

It is not uncommon to see systems where replacing the door entry is not an easy option either due to cabling or, more often, the property being part of a multiple dwelling and the system also serving other apartments within the building.

It seems a shame that a client cannot upgrade to the latest touchscreens offering greater graphical performance and functionality such as the Sonos app and we come across projects where homeowners are still using really quite old Crestron panels such as the TPS-2000L or TSP-6L.

We can help installers work around the issues involved and deliver video and audio feeds to the latest Crestron TSW panels.  We have been involved in replacing all touchpanels in a property as well as the situation (for various complex reasons) where we have replaced some touchpanels and left other analogue panels working in certain parts of the property.

Video is generally fairly easy to deal with; converting a simple composite video feed to a H.264 or MJPEG stream is straight-forwards and inexpensive with a device such as the Axis M7011.  The performance on these is more than suited to displaying video on touchpanels and if there was video on an older panel, there will be a way forwards to getting streaming video on the new panels.

The audio side is a little more complex and requires a bit of thought, but in general we can be confident in replacing the analogue audio from the older panel(s) with SIP streaming audio to newer panels.  If the system has an old Crestron IADS audio-router (which most analogue systems will have), then it is usually quite simple to add in the below device and offer SIP intercom to the new panels.

The device we have used is the Barix Annuncicom 200, which is relatively inexpensive and has a specific firmware version to turn it into a device that is completely compatible with Crestron RAVA panels (all current and previous TSW-XXX panels amongst others).

The device can initiate calls to specific RAVA extensions or call groups on the push of the doorbell.  

We have been very impressed by the performance of the product and the setup process (though there are a few quirks and tricks to learn along the way).

It's really great being able to help clients upgrade to the latest Crestron interfaces without having to worry about recabling older door entry systems or dealing with the challenges of multiple dwellings.

If you have a client where door entry is holding back their possibilities for changing to new touchpanels, please get in touch and we can help you with the process.