Crestron portrait touchscreen - TSW-560P

Slightly surprising product news in that it wasn't on show at ISE. But Crestron have just announced a new version of their X60 range of touchscreens with the twist (literally a 90 degree twist) that the screen is portrait orientation.

This is a great idea for certain applications and there is something less visually obtrusive with the portrait orientation.  Certainly in the residential market, these should be a popular choice, especially as their price point is quite compelling.

Areas that may not require in-depth control of audio and video could make these very useful (by entry and exit doors to allow the user to turn lights, heating, security etc. on and off when leaving/entering the home, as well as offering door entry).

It offers all the features of the landscape version, with the much improved speed of the X60 range. Streaming video and SIP intercom are all present, and the website certainly promises the Sonos app (which presumably has had to be reconfigured for the new orientation - will seek out information ASAP).

A surprise, a welcome one. Not the most exciting product launch ever, but I think we will see quite a few of these on projects.

Due to ship April in the UK.