Integrated Experience Marcus Photo

Despite my (reasonably!) youthful looks, I have been involved in entertainment and control systems for over twenty-five years now.

I began at the very bottom, doing many dirty and horrible jobs as the 'young lad' on installation teams on a wide variety of commercial projects. Working with some truly fantastic teachers I was given a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of audio-visual systems.

I learnt a lot and soon found myself more involved with system design on projects in a wide range of commercial environments from churches to night clubs; cinemas, health clubs and theatres; and even the Millennium Dome.

In around 1997 my life took a slightly different path. The Group CEO of the company I was working for was having his home extensively remodelled, and I was asked to help design and implement the lighting control, building management and entertainment systems. Working with some very, very bleeding edge technology, it was a true baptism of fire, but before long I was hooked.

Over time, the company developed a significant element of residential installation and I led much of the system design and programming within that sector.

In 2002 the bright lights of London called, and I went to work as a Project Manager for a large integrator in West London. I designed and project managed many very large and complex installations in some of the finest properties in London and further afield. I really grew in confidence and knowledge during this period as I learnt how to work at the higher tiers of the market.

Unfortunately, in 2008 the world changed almost overnight, and I found myself out of work when the company went into administration.

Undaunted, I formed a smaller, more focused business with two former colleagues which we steadily grew into a very successful integration company working on some highly complex projects for extremely demanding clients.

As Technical Director, I handled most of the system design and technical sales along with much of the project management and programming. The largest single project I was involved in (design, project management and software development) had a value in excess of £750,000 for audio-visual and control systems, with a large number of audio and video zones split across multiple properties, and extremely demanding requirements for energy management.

After eight years I had itchy feet and decided to go it alone so I could develop some ideas and personal skills even further. I embarked on this new life adventure in late 2016, and believe I have already learnt as much in that time as I had in my my entire career.

I won't say I have seen and done it all, as one of the most rewarding elements of working in the residential field is that there's always something new and exciting to work with; whether that is new technology or a request to do something you've never done, or even thought of before.

But I do have very considerable experiences at the very highest end of residential integration and have spent my working life observing and understanding how people interact with technology. I strive to put the user at the centre of my thoughts when developing systems, and it is this that I believe enables me to create some of the most usable interface experiences in our industry.

If you'd like me to get my head around your project or installation and see how I could help then I'd love to hear from you, so please do get in touch with me here.